Monday, 8 November 2010

Maya: Space Station Model - UV Mapped - and something else

A little while back, I showed you a space station, but alas, it was not UV mapped. Well, it is now!

UV mapping wasn't so difficult. In the end, the most difficult part was controlling how all the meshes smoothed. What? All you do is hit the smooth button! Where's the difficulty in that!

Well, basically I had to alter a few of the smoothing options on certain pieces of mesh. As an example, the wings that stick out (not that they are really wings), had to have it so the UV's smoothed with the mesh. Where as some other parts, it had to be turned off. Then there were some parts which had to not smooth at the boarders and some that did. It all got a bit confusing to say the least, and is probably why I've just realised that one piece may have been smoothed twice!

If you look in this next picture you should see a very dense piece of mesh. So much so that the wireframe is a solid blue! (Look at the underside of the top most part)

So if anyone knows a really easy way of simplifying the geometry, that would be nice.

Anyway apart form that, it's all fine. If all else fails, I'll have to go back few steps and rescue the piece from an earlier file.

Now I have just one last thing to show.

Today I finalised the spaceman orthographs.

I also started to model it.

As you can see it is still very basic, but it's coming along nicely... I think. At the moment it's in several pieces. Technically you can half see right through the legs at the knees from the back. And it has no head! Oh my god, it's an invisible cannibal!!!

If anyone can see bad looking geometry, feel free to comment and that's it from me.


  1. Finally, i have internet, therefore I can comment now hehehe!!

    The models are looking good, is that me or that spaceman got a big Booty!!! Sexy!!

  2. nope - that spaceman has a bubble butt for sure...

  3. It all colapses when it's smoothed!

  4. i know ethan, though it was funny to see him like that lol