Thursday, 28 October 2010

Administration- Timetable for Modeling Stage (Week 7 & 8)

B3D is entering production stage, so as the project manager, I decided to create a timetable for the next 2 weeks, where we going to enter the modeling world. firstly, note that this time may vary as Maya can be quite unpredictable, however I am asking you if you could the best to meet these deadlines, it would be grateful and easier for our animation and even for our individual projects.

I decided to carry on with a 5 days schedule where no weekends have been added to it, however, if anything is off schedule try to catch-up on the weekend.
My tip for the following days is to catch-up with other projects work and maya tutorials, as the first few days of week 7 is to catch-up with the models already started.

Alongside this time table I have also done a project plan for this stage and and the only thing I can tell you things need to go smoothly at this stage otherwise things wont get done. Because it is a lot to do in the following weeks.

Any questions just ask.

Sketches: The Generals Mustache

Here we have the General but with the prefered mostache picked out by Ruben. Ive done it so that you can see what he looks like with a large mostache and a smaller one.

Larger mostache (using prefered mostache style)

Smaller mostache (using prefered design)


Sketches: Soldier W/ Hat and Sunglasses

I have re made the Soldier with a large helmet styled like the helmets used by the Beefeater Gaurds in London. I have then attempted to try visualising what the Soldier would look like with Sunglasses, as it is common to find soldiers wearing these in modern times. In the 1950's, perhaps this would have been a very futuristic effect. Here we have the images below:

Without Sunglasses

Soldier with Sunglasses


Sketches: Soldier Rough Sketch

Here is the first rough sketch of the Soldier to be used in the trailer, which is a design collaborated between the group. However, even though this has a slight feel of "Dr Who", it still doesnt fit into the time of the films enviroment properly.


Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Maya: Modelling-Space Pod Miniature - Basically Modelled

Hey team, a Flock of Pixels here and with some good news!

I've finished the miniature scale space pod! Mostly. Just so everyone else knows, the CG pod is supposed to be a cheap miniature scale pod. Meaning that the parts won't necessarily line up and blobs of excess glue are visible!

Now you may be looking at this and thinking, the door is fused to the sphere, or the legs don't look like they can move and they're not even touching the ground properly. Well Like I've said earlier. It's a miniature, which means, no moving parts. The legs can either be stuck on or not at all. The door only needs to open when the space men come out and funnily enough, they are CG actors, not miniatures. So they require a more detailed life size set to walk out of.

Excess glue!

Oh and as a bonus, it's all been UV mapped! I bet Ruben will be pleased to hear he's got more painting to do! Well I say UV mapped, but what I actually mean that it's unfolded, and all that's left to do is sort out the positioning and scale so it fits with a square. Then it can be textured.

Although before I hand over that job, I want to add a few last minute touches to the basic model. Like shifting some of the individual pieces further, to increase it's inaccuracy. Maybe a few more blobs, or streaks of glue. Then the rest can be handled in the texture.

Sketches: The General - Rough Sketches

I have sketched out the General roughly on a page so that we can get a variety of faces which we could possibly use for this characters design. I then took it to Ruben to get some artistic direction, thus me bullet pointing the key points to ensure I design the most efficient General for the trailer.

Here is the first "detailed" sketch of the Generals design closer to his final apperance.

Here is a more detailed, human like version of this head with a slight change of shape to make him appear more serious and authoritive.


Sketches: Assistant Final Sketches

Here we have the sketches of the Scientists assistant being sketched up and ready for finalisation before being digitally painted.

In using this same sketch and outline, I have produced the character farther into a somewhat sexy yet sophisticated image of the assistant.

Scientist assistant final sketch before adding the skirt, which is a favoured design of the group.

Scientist assistant after addition of the skirt. This shall be the 1950's retro future Scientist assistant character to be used within the trailer. This shall be now digitally painted in photoshop to give us a better idea of the character in detail.


Marketing Design: Posters

Today I was designing the look of our poster for our film to help advertise it better. The main theme for our poster is to mimic the 1950s way of advertising a film.
On image 1 are the many designs for our poster. On image 2 I chose the top left corner design where the Astronauts are walking down from their pod and the casts of the film look in terror.
On image 3 I was designing the different pose our cast would be in for the poster.
The last image I talked to Ethan and he gave in his idea which was a type of zig-zag effect looking from the pod to the astro to the cast. I still need to work with Chris on this but I an very exited on how our poster will look.

Film: The Fugitive Futurist, 1924

Yesterday, Alan pointed us a short old film associated with prediction the future in the city of London. Its name was The Fugitive Futurist and despite being an old film, it got astonishing shots of London, in how it would look in the future. From flooded Trafalgar Square, and a zeppelin transporting people from the Houses of the Parliament, to a completely different  Tower Bridge with a train passing under it and some other on the top.

A truly amazing short film, which explores the future in the English capital. Definately, Something to absorb from this.

Concepts: Spaceman Concept

Finally, after so many hazards and delays to get this painted, it is finally done. So here is the concept for the Astronaut, or in this case, the villain in our animation. In this concept the only part with colour are the red buttons, although in our animation everything will be B&W, in the poster we have to get a coloured version, even if minimal.

Once and yet again, this concept was based on a quick sketch by A Flock of Pixels, which gave me a clear idea what what to draw and to paint.

Sketches: Character Design Supporting Sketches

Last week, we decided over the weekend to come up with at least one design for each character, to support Chris redesigning the characters for the animation. Alongside this, I also posted influence maps so he can have a clear idea for what we are going for.

Scientist & General


Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Sketches: The Scientists Assistant Development

Using the magic of Photoshop and the advantage of a lightbox, I have traced the character to apply different clothes to her design in attempts to test different appearances to ensure that she "fits" into the enviroment correctly.

With short skirt (no lab coat)

Short skirt with lab coat

Short skirt with closed lab coat

Scientists assistant with long dress

Scientists assistant long dress with lab coat


Marketing Design: Final Business Card & Final Forum Banner

Here is the final designs for either the business card and the forum banner, the business card will identifies and promote as a studio, not using internet.



And the final forum banner, where via forum we will publish our project for the CG Society.

Sketches:Final Scientist Design Montage

We decided to put together two of the sketches to gain the most favourable design for the Scientist. I applied the head of one of the sketches to the body of another using Photoshop.

As a group we still feel that the eyes of this character are too stylized, therefore they need to be made smaller. As a result, I drew the character out again after applying this effect in photoshop as a tester.

So heres the final sketch of the scientist with smaller eyes:

Overall, he looks a lot more mature, gives a very serious "English" feel and portrays the wisdom that a Scientist would have.

Marketing: Final Business Card Design & different Web Banner Designs

For our business card we were going for a more cool looking design which some what matches our new logo, instead of matching our film. The reason for this idea is so we can advertise our company and not the projects we are working on.
The information on our business card is on the second page of the card. We only chose the necessary info for example name, occupation and email address to our studio.

First page

Second page

Once we have finished our business card it down to me to design our web banner. For the web banner I was trying to match the design of our blogger theme by colours to show that the banners does belong to us. I have made some other design just in case we are not going to match it to our blogger theme colours.

The first design is more simplified telling to public our studio name and blog address.

The second design is some what the same as the first design but wit our old logos at the side.

The third design has the same colour theme as our blog theme but has big letters and logo. This design main focus is being clickable than letting the public typing the web address.

The last two are the same as the first two designs but with only the color grey. they were meant to animate but decided to leave hem with a simplified feature instead. However I will animate them soon, letting it show the project we are working on and going back to show them the web address.

Monday, 25 October 2010

Administration- Production Roles

We are about to step into production stage, so more tasks have to be divided.
In today's meeting, we delegated the production roles, in order to get things efficiently done, we agreed to choose the strongest people in each tasks based on last year's projects and the beginning of this one.

So here are the roles:

Also, my colleague, A Flock of Pixels and the new administrator of the group, came up with a detailed list of the jobs that overall we have to do. also mentioning, any side notes that we need to know. This specific list was also delegated and jobs attributed to different people.

All group members please note your tasks, and if any questions don't hesitate to ask Ruben or A Flock of Pixels.