Saturday, 27 November 2010

Maya: Army General's Head

Today I started on making the head of the general which was actually very tricky. I had to look at some of the old tutorials to remind me on building a head. This is what I have done so far, the next parts I will be working on is refining the head by shaping out the eye and adding the ear, adding the eyebrows and hair, and maybe start working on the hat.
Leave some feedback on what you think of the head so far.

Maya: Army General's Body part 2

Here is the latest update on the general. I mostly worked on the body shape and the legs, the rear was really troublesome.
I also remade the collar by using a plane instead of a cube to give it a nice bend and I did some tweaking on the belt, boots and shirt.
Leave some feedback if there are some necessary fixes

Administration: Timetable for the Following Weeks

After knowing clearly what is left to do in our project, I put this timetable up with the help of my colleagues. This timeable is to be followed strictly, because if things are not done on this time, the trailer wont be presented. So I ask you to give 200% or more of your commitement to make this happen smoothly.

 Legend: Chris 
                Chris/ Ruben
                Ruben/ Ethan/Shahbir

 Legend: Chris 
                Chris/ Ruben
                Ruben/ Ethan/Shahbir


 Legend: Chris 
                Ruben/ Ethan/Shahbir

 Legend: Shahbir
  Legend: Ethan
             Ruben/ Ethan/Shahbir

So here is the timetable, I think it is clear enough, but if any questions arise, don't hesitate in asking.

Finally a note to Chris.

I'm not sure if you come here often but here it goes!

I have known what happened to you on the 2 past weeks via Shahbir, I'm sorry to hear that your computer died. and despite the turnarounds being o the blog, we won't be using them. I dont know if you noticed but the post before you posted was already the head of the scientist modeled. Unfortunately, we wont be using them, and we had to come up with other plan to move the project along.

Also, I dont know what is your situation with the computer, so I'm not taking the risk of giving you for at least for a week any Maya work. So as the timetable reads you will be doing the poster design, and then help me with modeling the environments.

If you have any questions just ask, please !

Administration: Modeling List

Here it is the discussed list of the things that still have to be modelled. It is more detailed to help our group understand what really has to be done.

 Modeling (UV Mapped and Joint Placement) List

Character Modeling:

- Astronaut ( Check hands)
- Scientist ( Body)
- Soldier (All & Gun)
- General (tweak body and do face)
- Generic Male (All)
- Generic Female ( Finish Body and Head)
- Assistant( All)

Environment Modeling:

- Metropolis Modeling
    (-Landing Scene, Establishing Shot Scenes, the pursuit scenes Sets)
- Lab Modeling
-Spacestation Interior
-General's Office
-Tank Interior
- Pod Scene Exterior set

Prop Modeling:

-Tank Treadmills

Friday, 26 November 2010

Maya: Army General body part 1

Here is the first version of the Generals body, I have shown this to my group and they like it but it needs some improvements like making the arms thicker and make the collar for the blazer more curvy, but all in all its going fine.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Sketches: Characters turnarounds

Apologies to my team for this taking so long, had a few rather problematic technical issues to deal with (computer died!) thus a lot of work to try and swat up on. Lesson learned, keep a back up always! Here are the character turn arounds:
  • Scientists Assistant

  • Scientist

  • General

  • Soldier