Saturday, 4 December 2010

Maya: Generic Male 90% done

Today I have finished most of my Generic male. As mentioned before today I was going to finish making the head and I did. I shaped out his eye lids, nose, mouth and ears. I added hair on him as well some eyebrows,. The last thing to make is his hands.



Please leave feedback if he needs any improvments.

Friday, 3 December 2010

Maya: Generic Male body Finished, Head in Progress

Today I finished tweaking the Generic Male's body, I made his coat more baggy so it looks more like a trench coat. Also I have built some pockets on the bottom half of the coat so it won't look like a separate piece. I have also added a T-shirt to show what he is wearing underneath his jacket, which didn't took too long to make.



Once I have finished making final touched on the Generic Males body I then began in making his head, so far I have only make the basic shape soon I will make the finish piece.

Leave some feedback it you fell there are some improvements that are needed.

Maya: Assistant Body Modeling Progress IV

So continuing to model the female character, finished the legs, shoes and added the extra details, the only thing need is the head which I will be concentrating from this time onwards. I also tweaked the leg proportions.

Wireframe ( Not Smooth)

Wireframe (Smooth)

Maya: Assistant Body Modeling Progress III

Ok today I have been working on the Assistant's Body, trying to finish it so I can concentrate on the head of both of the female characters. After Having the torso pretty much done I started the skirt and her legs. 
Also the hands to complete the upper part.

Wireframe (Not Smooth)

Wireframe (Smooth)

Maya: Soldiers Almost There

Today I've been focusing on the soldier. Mostly on the head.

You don't actually see much of the soldiers face as it's covered by the mask, so I closed off the mouth and didn't refine the nose.

To save time I actually ripped the eye sockets and the ears straight from the scientist's face model and tweaked accordingly.

At the moment there are still a few thing left to do. You may notice that the chin penetrates the collar, so that needs sorting. Also, as may have been mentioned previously (I can't remember), but we are going to re scale the height of each character. This is because at the time of drawing the turnarounds, we later realised that they were all about the same height, so by isolating certain parts of the geometry and using the lattice deformer we will scale them proportionally, working out who should be what height. This has to be done before UV mapping. That's it from me.

A Flock of Pixels

Maya: Assistant Body Modeling Progress II

So as promise here the last update of the assistant, and the final for today. I have started to model the skirt, which is quite different from the Generic Female, but also tweaked the over body shape.
Tomorrow, I think I can start the head models.

Wireframes (Not Smooth)

Wireframes (Smooth)

Maya: Assistant Body Modeling Progress I

Alongside the generic female, I started to model the other female, the Scientist's Assistant, Having the ortographs with me, I set my mind to make her look slightly sexier than the generic female, so it imply the body shape would be curvier.

So here is the 1st progress, the last part will be poster just after this post.

Wireframes ( Not Smooth)

Wireframes ( Smooth)

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Administration: Skype Meeting @ 4PM

It is just to inform, due to weather conditions we will be hosting our meeting online via Skype at 4PM , as tested before, we will be speaking to each and update ourselves with what has been done so far, in terms of modeling, also some important choices to be made, and what is the next step.

For good Project Management purposes, we will record some of the conversation.
We will be using the normal Skype and try the BETA Version of the Business Skype only before Christmas due to its trial time.

Any questions just ask !!

Maya: Generic Male

Here is the model of the Generic Male, the purpose of the Generic Male is to be a background character that we can recycle repeatedly.
I took a screen shot of his front, back and his shoes so we can see if all of it is coming togather.




Maya: Scientist- Final Adjustments

I've spent half the day refining the scientist model. (other half on essay!)

As you can see, I've tightened up the creases for where the folds are in the lab coats lapels. The tie stands out better too. I've added the face, now with some glasses. The glasses may still be refined further, but for now they are fine.

These were the boots, now shoes, originally meant for the soldier.

This model is now ready for UV mapping. The rest of the detail is going to be in the texture, but for the amount of screen time, I've probably gone into too much detail already, considering also that we have a total of seven characters to make!

Before I UV map it, I will finish off the soldier first. Mostly it's just the soldiers face to finish. Chances are that I will UV map everything over the weekend. Then it's on to rigging.

A Flock of Pixels

Maya: Generic Female Modeling- Progress IV- Hands Added

So today, I added the hands to the generic female,  over all is going the right way, however Im wondering if I should lower the skirt (in a good way).

Wireframe (not smooth)

Wireframe (Smooth)

Detail- Arm 

Detail- Hand

Good to mention that to speed up the modeling task of the 7 characters, We decided to get a basic hand model, which later is tweaked into many forms to better fit the character,  in my case I took ethan's manly hand and turned it into a feminine one.