Thursday, 23 December 2010

Maya: Generic Female Basic Skinning

Here is the Ruben! with an update on the skinning process of our characters, at this stage skinning is pretty much done in my characters and with Ethan's ones, just needs some tweaking by adding muscle, and maybe jiggles.

The generic female was my last character to skin, and maybe the trickiest one because of the skirt and the hair are complex geometries, other than that everything went all right. As far  Rigging goes, I was informed it was a bit off schedule but Shahbir is catching up with it. when these 2 processes are done, Rigging and Skinning we can start animate, the movements of the characters, however facial rigging still needs to be done in order to make dialogues for the trailer.

Skinning: Generic Female Head and Torso

Skinning: Generic Female Hand

Skinning: Generic Female Legs



  1. the way the skirt moves works very well!

    I look forward to combining the rigs with the characters...

    no all I have to do is finish the tubing on the spaceman!

  2. thanks ethan, I still have to add some blendshapes on the collar as the head penetrates it.