Thursday, 16 December 2010

Maya: Soldier Basic Skinning

Firstly, I will have to say that most of the progress from now on will be posted in videos as we begin to step into the realms of animation.

So after getting the models ready for the animation, my task laid in doing the skinning, which is a crucial process to get convincing  animation, by creating muscles on a character or avoid the geometry to collide with itself. 

I can say here is the skinning for the soldier until certain extent where only the arms and legs muscles will be added, to create a rather more convincing motion in the character. Also the last thing to add will be the some jiggle deformers around the sleeves. This process will be carefully monitored when to render as the cache needs to be loaded just before the rendering starts.

Soldier Skinning- Arms & Hands

Soldier Skinning- Legs & Shoes

Soldier Skinning- Head

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