Friday, 21 January 2011

The Invisible Cannibals from Beyond the Stars- Lost Footage Trailer

After a few nights of non sleeping and trying to get this trailer out there completed, we weren't able to deliver what we expected of our trailer, which is really frustrating for us because we have been working so heard and passionately to get this done. However, my colleague Aflockofpixels quickly edited a 1st version of the trailer, in which is missing footage.
Apart from what happened we have received some positive feedback on the scenes which made the trailer.

Here it is:

What is left now and to clean our conscience is to make the final trailer happened, because all the work put into it at the moment seemed to be wasted in vain, with everything rendered only the post production stage is missing, which means put the rendered scenes in a timeline accordingly with the sound effects.

Also to clarify, here are the cityscape shots that should be featured in the beginning of the trailer, however werent edited in, although these are stills, the version that will feature the final trailer will be fully animated as they are.

These shots supposed to be from maquette so the level of detail is minimal, and most of the things painted by brush.

Alongside the trailer, we created a DVD case and Disk template for our animation.

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  1. I love your trailer, It's great and entertaining. Shame you weren't able to finish. BTW. can't wait for the special edition DVD (hopefully soon)!!!