Sunday, 14 November 2010

Maya: Spaceman Progress

I've made some progress with the spaceman. I altered a bit of geometry in the legs and added more pieces to the suit.

Here are some of the details.

I thought I'd better show this image just to prove he is invisible!

Now although he is meant to be missing his head, his hands, or gloves in this case are meant to be there. What I have done at the moment is taken the hand modeled in the Maya tutorials, and given it an extra finger. For a total of four. There are however two main problems. One of which is that it looks like a hand still, and not a glove. Easily fixed. The other, more important issue is the way the geometry flows. The spaceman's arm has eight edges. So the hand has to connect to the arm with eight edges. The problem with the hand is that initially had about double that coming out of the hand. So for the moment I got the edges flowing back on themselves. Although I'm not sure that it looks that tidy. Especially on the reverse side of the hand. The thumb squashes everything to one side. There's even a triangle too. I think I may need a bit of advice or help on this when I get back to uni.

Nothing is UV mapped yet. Although what I think I will do is map the rest of the suit while a wait to fix the hand.

We have seven characters in total, so I just felt I had to start modeling another character or at least the head. This is the scientist. Done by Ruben.

I drew a much larger version of the head so I had more to go by, its much the same really.

I have started blocking out the scientists face. It's very basic at the moment and has a lot of stretched faces, due to the shape of the head. I think I'm going to have to add extra geometry, possibly re direct it to better suit the shape of the head. It looks quite scary to be honest!

That's all for now.

A Flock of Pixels.

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  1. I love the progress done on the spaceman. is looking good so far, as you said the hand needs a bit of tweaking.

    Anyway about the question on the post before I replied.