Monday, 15 November 2010

Sketches: General Turnaround

So here's the situation. We need to get these characters modelled, and we have now divided up the modeling tasks. All we need are the turnarounds, so to further speed things along I have done a turnaround for the general. Based on Chris's sketches. So now Shahbir can start to model the general.

Oh, by the way Shahbir, if you feel you need to print this out and re trace the lines a bit more clearly, then by all means, do so. As it is still only a rough sketch. Just remember to blog it. And if your not sure of anything, we will all be in tomorrow anyway, so we can talk then.

That's it for now.

A Flock of Pixels

Oh and one last thing. I changed the top part of the body so that you can see a tie. If you wish to alter that, or make it more like the last drawing of the general (by Chris) then thats fine. I only changed it because I wanted to see a tie for some reason!

1 comment:

  1. that is pretty good, Shahbir now you can take it, I echo what Ethan said.
    I do think the tie is looking better, despite being your fetish Ethan.

    I'll post the turn around for the generics later.