Friday, 7 January 2011

Maya: Laboratory Modelling

On the last couple of days I have been busy modelling the sets for our animation, after getting some done, where my colleague Aflockofpixels started to animate on, I carried on creating the rest. Next on the list was the Lab where the 3 members of the cast will firstly reveal the Invisible Spaceman. So without anymore talking I present you the lab. 

Laboratory Modelled

Firstly is the model of the lab untextured, where I have added the a few props, such as the computer on the desk based on a 1st gaming console, or the tall computer based on the first tape recorders, also I've added a lamp on the top which can be used as a light source, for that purpose I have added a simple control where the lamp rotates if the camera changes.  

This picture shows the set UV mapped and ready for texturing ! :)

As well as the Lab, I have create a small scene in the beginning of the trailer where the space-station commander presses the emergency button, something really simple. Here is the set:

For this set I have created a simple cockpit and then added the button, which has a control to be pressed for animation.
 A  really simple Set to do but crucial for the few seconds it holds in the trailer.

Now onto the outdoor scenes

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