Saturday, 27 November 2010

Administration: Modeling List

Here it is the discussed list of the things that still have to be modelled. It is more detailed to help our group understand what really has to be done.

 Modeling (UV Mapped and Joint Placement) List

Character Modeling:

- Astronaut ( Check hands)
- Scientist ( Body)
- Soldier (All & Gun)
- General (tweak body and do face)
- Generic Male (All)
- Generic Female ( Finish Body and Head)
- Assistant( All)

Environment Modeling:

- Metropolis Modeling
    (-Landing Scene, Establishing Shot Scenes, the pursuit scenes Sets)
- Lab Modeling
-Spacestation Interior
-General's Office
-Tank Interior
- Pod Scene Exterior set

Prop Modeling:

-Tank Treadmills

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