Monday, 6 December 2010

Maya: Assistant Face Modelling Progress

After the final tweaks on the Assistant's body, I took the next step of modelling her face.
The first stage was to do the eye and the mouth.

1st Stage- Eye and Mouth Modelling 

Wireframe                             Smooth Model


2nd Stage- Nose Modelling

Wireframe (not Smooth)

Wireframe (Smooth)

And here is the model as it is now, where I added the ears and the neck, but also tweak some of cheek and the top of the head.



Now it's time to give her some hair and then connect her with the finished and already scaled to animation proportion scale.

EDIT: Here is the character after the tweak the lips and cheeks.


  1. Hi Ruben

    The lips and cheeks are too 'Sucked in' (Corners of the mouth). Pull them out.