Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Maya: Character Skeletons

While I've been busy finishing off my three characters UV maps, I have also been placing the joints too.
It's taken quite some tweaking.

The soldier

The Scientist

The Spaceman

Shahbir has been busy too. Finishing off the modeling. Officially this weeks schedule had Shahbir rigging while Ruben and I skinned the characters.
So to speed things along I've asked them to send their completed models to me to be UV mapped and to place the joints. Since that's what I've been doing all week, I've had the most practice. We all agreed that it would be a good idea if I continue to do that with everyone else's characters. It also gives me a chance to check over the models in more detail.
I have checked over Shahbirs Generic Male character.
There were a couple of minor alterations. Nothing to do with the shape, but just how clean it was. The main alteration was that I added more edge loops in the bottom half of the coat. It was necessary so there would be enough detail for it to deform.

Shahbir has at the moment begun rigging the soldier. This is going to be a sort of test run to see how long it takes and if there are any problems with the rig, so that we can better schedule and organise when the rest of the characters will be rigged and to what level of detail.

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