Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Research: Influence maps - "Futuristic" soldiers helmet

We indulged in another group meeting to discuss the situation about the characters, where I have come to find that the design for the original soldiers "space age" helmet is still to be applied to the Soldiers character. This is to help with the animation for two main reasons - The Soldier will be duplicated, therefore it would look weird having the same person walking around and it would make animation easier as we would have less lip syncing to perform.

This should help show how the team is visualising the helmet and soldier design to be, a merge of real life soldiers of around the time our trailer is "made" to the elegant designs of our favourite space travellers. 

An additional find to add would be that of the Space Marines in the world of Warhammer. I have been designing the Soldiers to be more like regular men who have signed up as opposed to specially trained dedicated soldiers. This is a reflection of the 1950's and also of the situations during the second world war. I have spoke with a collegue of mine and we feel that it shouldnt matter, the soldier can be bigger, tougher and ready to fight.

Here is a short CG film of the Space Marines in action from the game Warhammer 40K. 


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