Thursday, 23 September 2010

Research: Cannibalism - real cannibalism compared within film

In this video you can see how the mind of a real cannibal works, he doesnt beleive hes evil at all - which is the typical case of an evil mind. Usually, Cannibalism is found in tribes in more Eastern Countries or African origins and is seen as a tradition of spiritual significance. This sort of behaviour begins to acknowledge the fact that a cannibal could be a clumsy, greedy character if comical, or a sacrificial madman who's mind is corrupt by his beleifs.

As a result of these characteristics films have been made around the subject of the cannibal as a horror figure, eliting some classic films and iconic monsters such as Hannibal Lecter. In mixing the image of Hannibal with the comic approach of a cannibal in space to go along with one of my story ideas I have come up with a rough idea of how I visualise this character to be.

Obviously these are not final designs, there is no set story that we are working with yet. However I feel it is important that we start drawing conceptually to gain a better understanding of our most common direction so that we can come together with an overall concept much easier.


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