Saturday, 25 September 2010

Research: 1950s Retro-Futurism

Today I decided to look at the future the people of the 1950s wanted sicne thats the setting our story The Day of the Invisible Cannibels From Beyond the Stars is taking place, if anyone thinks I'm spoiling anything I'm not.
while I was researching the 1950s idea of a future I learnt that there was a term for it called 'Retro-Futurism' so heres my research on Retro-Futurism so far.






While researching Retro-Futurism I notice that the shape of the building have a curvy appearance and they point towards the sky in a dramatic manner. The cars are also curvy but with a more slick appearance, and they can be either big or small depends if the driver wants to give people a ride. There are also trams/buses that can fly or have the tracks above the tram/bus for transportation.
The 1950s future looks so much fun.

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