Thursday, 23 September 2010

Ideas: a Crazy, a Silly and One Serious Idea

Plot idea 1

Humans from the future come to earth (in present time), bringing their technology and gadgets.

One particular gadget is this wrist band tech thingy. It tells the time, built in sat nave and all sorts of useful stuff.

It becomes compulsory for every human from present day to wear one of this wrist band tech thingys.

What the present day humans don't know is that the future humans are actually humanoid alien cannibal beings, and the tech thingy they wear round their wrist is disguising their true form.

So why are these cannibal aliens even bothering to visit earth, pretending to be humans? what’s the point of this.

Well they are obviously smart creatures that can unfortunately only eat meat that is their own. This is not ideal. The solution is to convert a similar race into their own, and eat them.

What the humans don't realise is that the wrist bands they have all been given is converting their genetic code to be exactly like the aliens. While at the same time, still looking human.

So aliens have come to earth from beyond the stars, and have secretly lived with humans in disguise. (effectively invisible, not literally)

all humans on earth have been gradually changing into the alien creatures, while still remaining the look of humans.

Now the aliens face one problem. How can they tell which ones to eat without revealing their ravenous form? (the aliens get quite hungry)

Even if they switch off the clever disguise so that everyone, originally human and alien look like the alien. The aliens still won’t know which ones to eat.

The answer is simple. Food colouring. More specifically, glow in the dark food colouring.

So the aliens wait for night time, switch off all the power, and every former human is a green glowing target for them to feast on.

So that’s the aliens plan. How the humans find a way to transform themselves back and defeat the aliens is beyond me. Bu then we are creating a trailer, so the ending is never going to be revealed.

Plot 2

One day an invisible cannibal lands on earth. It decides to eat his own tail because he is the last cannibal. No one notices his existence on earth as he is invisible. The end.

Plot 3

A parallel earth from beyond the stars, where humans evolved into cannibals. Instead of intelligent humans on the earth that we know.

Another Idea
I’ve been thinking about what sort of time period the film should be set. Instead of setting it in the future as imagined in the past. Set it in today’s time, with today’s real technology. No smooth hover crafts or anything like that. But obviously trailer wise, styled like an old film.

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