Thursday, 23 September 2010

Ideas: ' The Day of the Invisible Cannibals from Beyond the Stars'- First ideas

In our groups we have each received a randomized title for a fictional film that we are to design a trailer for, of which shall be showcased at a animations festival entitled "Retro-fest". My group has decided to each come up with concepts within the first week, no matter what genre, or how different each idea may be so that we can then sit down and discuss which ideas work and what direction we are to place our trailer within.

So here are some of my (very random) ideas for this somewhat comical, yet horrific title...

•The hungry astronaut

Basically in this concept, it is set around the idea of a lonely astronaut stuck in space, who works on a space station that has run out of meaty food. On his attempts to gain food he creates a teleporter, to collect all the burgers in the world and collect them on his ship for food. Unfortunately, he only manages to pick up humans, who start to noticeably go missing on earth due to some "invisible" force. Being hungry, he becomes deluded and believes the humans are burgers and starts eating them. Only one human who manages to escape his grizzly fate manages to over ride the teleporter and save the day...

•The incredibly greedy Cannibal in space with his evil plans for world domination

A play on the above story, a cannibal with intentions to find a way to safely eat more people without being caught decides to build a star ship that can teleport humans into cages on his ship. Again, it takes one brave soul to escape and figure out a way to save his fellow captives...

•The meteor shower with alien infections

In this story a shower of meteors lands and in a similar fashion to that of the film "Invasion of the body snatchers". The meteors contain a virus which, in comparison to traditional zombie films, turns people mad and makes people eat other which in turn spreads the virus through surviving victims and insects carrying the virus from infected human remains. One other thing to mention which makes it incredibly difficult to capture this virus and its infected, they are invisible during the day. This helps make it easier for them to prey on those who aren't yet infected by the virus, yet at night they are visible and seem like everyday normal human beings. This also causes problems, as there is no where to run or hide, and no one to trust.

•Santa's revenge

This is hilarious, when thinking of the "preview man" voice describing the hungry astronaut concept over the trailer, I imagined him saying "this summer at a cinema near you". Then I stopped and thought as its nearly Winter it'd make much more sense to say "This Christmas". As a result, I sprawled to mind a totally new idea which mixes some of the above concepts and throws them into a very post-modern, amusing yet shocking tale based on Santa Claus himself. This is comparable to that of such tales as the Grinch, A Nightmare Before Christmas etc on the basis that the peacefulness associated with the festive season is disturbed and faith is questioned as a result. Santa Claus has become evil due to his anger at the fact Children have stopped believing in him as much in modern times, therefore they seem to lack putting foods and drink above the fireplace. He finds this unfair, ungrateful and very hurtful. He needs this food to survive with the lack of people interested in his business now days, it is a recession after all! The world seems to be relying on the commercialism of Christmas and lacks faith in what Santa stands for and does. This drives him insane, he needs to survive, so he starts taking parents back to Lapland with him to punish them... and eat them. There would be a hero in this, perhaps a child who's parents managed to contact him through text message, or on Santa's "faith-book", to tell him they are all in danger. This child could set out on saving the parents and stopping Santa on his evil quest and in turn making him realise he isn't as forgotten about as he believes. Tissues at the ready please!


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