Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Narrative Project Briefing - Retro Festival

Hello, our Studio is consisted by Chris, Ruben, Ethan S. and Shahbir. and our first assignment is embrace the 1950's Sci-fi era and create a 2 minutes trailer in full 3D as submission for the Retro-Festival.
I will go through the brief with you to make things clear.

Being a narrative project, we are asked to take on board all the B-movies concepts, either the successful ones and the not so, and apply them to our own piece.

Festival Entry Requirements:

- A short animated film trailer of no more than 2 minutes of length.

- An animation based on the film randomly picked:

"The Day of the Invisible Cannibals from Beyond the Stars"

- The film in a 16:9 Aspect Ratio

- Publish our work in different via marketing ( posters, banners, business cards. etc). Using three 300 dpi stills from the final render.

Also, we are asked to work as a professional studio, where we delegate the different roles for each task. Also where time management and business planning are crucial for the studio to run smoothly.

Finally, I'm uploading a copy of the brief, page by page, for easy visualization. If any technical problems may arise. Also, the extended reading list will be here.

So for more information follow us, as we travel back in time to experience Golden Age of Sci-Fi Genre in Hollywood, meanwhile we will share our findings and some interesting facts we will find along the way.

Stay B-Tuned!

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