Friday, 8 October 2010

Character Design - Sketches (Shahbir)

I have redesign three of my four characters The General, The Scientist and The Generic Soldier. I have also reposted my old design so you can see the differences between their old designs and their new ones.

Old General Design

New General Design

The new design of the general has him look more muscular but still has the aged war hero look. I even gave him a hat so he could look more like a General.

 Old Scientist Design

New Scientist Design
I gave the Scientist a more flexible appearance compared to his old design which has him look stiff.  I even remove his shoulder pads which to me makes him look more of a scientist.

Old Generic Soldier Design

New Generic Solder Design
He looks the same as his old designs but with shoulder pads and his arms has textures on them which meant to show they are not metallic but a type of flexible material.

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