Friday, 8 October 2010

The Script - (Not formatted Correctly)

This is the pretty much the final script for the trailer. What I mean by 'not formatted correctly' basically means that it hasn't yet been formatted to look like a proper script. I just posting it as it is so that the story is clear for us story boarders to use as reference over the weekend.



Text appears on screen - 50 years from now, in the year 2000!

Montage shots of futuristic cityscape. Then the camera pans up to the stars.


Camera in space pans around to a space station (venture 01).
A meteorite shower fly towards the space station.

Cuts to a shot where a meteor hits the space station. Crash... CUT

*music is big in nature, driving the shock of the scene into the audience*


The scene changes to the chaos on the space station. The panic button is pressed, red alert lights flashing, alarms beeping and the astronauts scrambling for their space suits.

*Music changes to a more typical science fiction style composition, yet invoking fear behind its deliverance. Musical score is to be quietened down in this moment to build suspense.*


The scene changes. Cameras aimed towards space pods. We see the space pods eject and the cameras track their movement.

Generals Voice over - "At 08 hundred hours, we received a call that the Venture01 Space Station has been evacuated. It is important that all pods are found, and crew debriefed immediately."


Scene changes. Space pods are scattered across the sky over the City. we see one space pod come crashing towards the camera.
*Sounds of aircraft nose diving*

Camera angle changes next to a space pod, which is flying in a jerky manner struggling to gain control. Space pod makes impact, scene goes black.

Scene fades in. Pod opens up slowly *hissing sounds as the pod door opens.*

Astronauts walk out of pod

*music becomes chilling*

Astronauts walk out of the pod in a zombie like manner. Camera does sudden zoom into the astronauts to build a feeling of traditional 1950s style horror.

We cut to a woman standing nearby, wandering closer in curiosity.

The scene cuts back to the astronaut slowly approaching, confronts the lady and lifts his hands to the visor. As the visor opens, the scene cuts. The lady screams before it cuts.


Scene changes to the army HQ in the Generals office

The general answers the phone.

General - "Yes…(pause) Were on our way Mr President, Sir!"

We see the phone slam down into its holder, text fly's back in over the top.

The zombie like astronauts walk around, attacking innocent civilians in the street (off screen). Girls still screaming, dramatic music. Close up of Astronaut.

Text spins onto screen:

Preview man - " You won't believe your eyes!"

The scene cuts to a soldier shooting. An astronaut goes down.
*Gunfire sounds/chilling music suddenly increases in tension as the camera star wipes into a new scene.*


Astronaut's body laid across table.
Camera moves up to the Scientists startled face. Around the table are the General, Scientist and his sexy female assistant.

General - "What exactly are we dealing with here"

Scientist - "It's… it's… a man... but like I've never seen before…"

General - "How do you mean?"

Scientist - He is... (dun dun dun style musical interlude) invisible!"

As this is said we see the scientist opening the Astronauts visor. There's nothing inside. The characters around the Astronaut all pull back with over acted horror. The screen pauses and more text comes up.

Preview man - "They are the man eating, invisible force from beyond the stars!"


Star wipe into next scene of astronauts tearing their space suits off. Shocking musical score plays in time with their scary actions.

Astronauts shrieking inhuman sounds.

Preview man - "Fear them!"

A soldier with a gun looks on in fright, arms shaking - "Oh God! Aaaah! AAAAAAH!!!" *screams*

Preview man - "How do you fight what you cannot see?"

(Soldier over dramatically acting like he is being eaten)

A montage of scenes of invisible cannibals etc.


"The Day of the Invisible Cannibals from Beyond the Stars!"


The scene changes to the lab. The astronaut lying on the table wakes up, in the background. The assistant, facing the camera, slowly begins to turn around (suspecting some movement). Cuts to black and you hear the assistant scream.



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  1. Okay - yes, you've got my attention, B3D Studios... This reads very well; I can really feel the edits and the mood. Looking forward to seeing those storyboards arrive; my advice would be to move into the animatic stage as soon as possible - to quote Ripley in Aliens - "It's the only way to be sure".