Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Scientist concepts - Chris

As you may have seen, I blogged a page of designs for the Scientist. Im still working on them, but heres the designs so far. Im going for something simple, yet effective. The designs ive got so far are too basic for a quirky 1950's outlook on the futuristic take on the year 2000 so I think I will expand on my current designs and make something a bit more out there.

I then figured out after these concepts that, although these characters follow the typical shapes for a strong, dependant hero, why should I conform to the boundarys of the norm? Why cant I make my Scientist character a more lovable hero? After all, this is CG! I kinda got an idea in my head then kept at it until I got this strange, mad scientist idea which includes aspects of my previous designs. These include the hair, the colour schemes, the coat and the idea of him carrying a device. As were designing the characters in the style of "The Incredibles", I based this character on that of "Edna Mode".


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