Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Administration- Project Timetable Changes

Knowing that the pitch is next Wednesday Afternoon, the administration decided that was need to make some changes to speed up the project and to be able to present professional concepts and storyboards at the pitch next week.

This changes will be applied principally until next Monday, however if the project is still delayed, They will maybe continue.

Pre-Production Roles Changes:

Ruben- Finalizing all the props and environmental designs.

Shahbir- Working closely with Ethan to finish the storyboards ( it means work on from the rough storyboards to the final ones). And put Sound on the Animatic when done.

Chris- Finish Character Design, and Sound Design, Work with Shahbir and Ethan to find the appropriate sound for the Animatic.

Ethan- Finalizing the Storyboards and Animatic.

Here is the update, later I will upload an update on the project plan, to inform how the things are going.


  1. I've assembled all the boards done so far, into an animatic. At the moment the next most impportant scene that is missig is where an astronuat is shot down.
    The animatic at the moment is about 8 seconds short of 2mins.
    All the individual scenes are roughly timmed, but without any music and sound I can't really go much further. (like shortenning it a bit)

    I think we all need to be here to discuss where to go next.

    In the mean time, I'll try to get these inital storyboards posted and maybe start on the final boards. At lest the ones that are definately going to make it to the final cut.

  2. Ive got the characters done, just my computer decided to start lagging last night and wouldnt let me upload stuff, so ive got another hard drive to save things to.

    One thing ive got to say is, the scientists assistant... we have to remember this is 1950's FUTURE... when we texture her we can give her patterns on her clothes which speak louder about the times. Ive tried to keep their colour scheme (if we even use colour) to be bright and of how they perceived the fashion the future.

  3. Tomorrow, I will emphasize the importance to get the voice over and sound effects to better pace the animatic.

    Also , update you on where are we at the moment.