Saturday, 16 October 2010

Concept: Final Title Samples

After receiving feedback on the previous uploaded trailer titles, We decided to take the most appealing title and develop it a little further. By changing the white colour for a transparent layer, it will help me to better depict the invisibility quality.
For the title, when applied to the trailer We want to create a small animation within the title, this technique was seen before in the B-movies, such as " Invisible Invaders", and consist in have the normal version of the title, which will then become transparent. only visible by the glow around it or the outline of the font. Just like this:

For a better idea of what I'm trying to achieve here is the trailer.

Invisible Invaders trailer:

Finally, to mention colour, the coloured version is to be used in the Poster and concept layouts, where the B&W version will be used in the final animation.


  1. This is absolutely perfect!

    Oh by the way. I might have to record some of my lines again. Anoyingly when trying to say all my lines seperately (with reasonably long gaps inbetween) there is a big inconsistancy in how I speak as the narrator. I don't thing the delivery of my lines work together. If that makes sense.

    I may try and re record my lines at home, and I'll email you the two versions.

    Oh just one more thing. I have found free to use (even commecialy) music which might suit the trailer.

    I have also experimented at editing the audio so that it sounds old.

    So back to storyboarding and character design.

  2. Ok one last thing.

    There seem to be too many lines to fit in the second half of the trailer. (ie after we know that they are invisible)

    and they don't fit in the begining half becuase they are all about "fearing them" and "they're Invisible" etc

    The beggining half has very little voice over in comparison.

    I'm thinking that the begining half of the trailer may need cutting down a bit. As the whole landing on earth sequence takes up more than a minute. I think it needs to be just under at the very least.

    I know you cant comment back at the moment but if you read this and need to contact me, you can always email.

  3. I'm at uni today, so i can comment.
    yeh do that and see how the trailer flows, if still, demonstrates everything accurately, perfect.

  4. Also, don't forget you can throw in random 'You will be terrified!' and 'You won't believe your eyes!' at the beginning too, to balance it out! :)