Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Scientists Assistant "futuristic clothing"

Although I like my design for the Scientists Assistant, I cant help but notice she merges into two categories. Shes wearing the tight, quirky clothing that many science fiction movies used, however her appearance could work as a rebelious teen from the modern day.

To look farther into the characters clothing, I have here several film trailers/images which help depict the look of the "future" in the 1950's eyes.

  • Devil Girl from Mars

  • The Astounding She Monster

  • I think this next one really compares to my characters design: Barberella

I have noticed in the 50's and 60's it was rather unfavourable for the women to expose any flesh, the visual sex appeal would be transmitted by the characters slim build and tight clothing. As these films started to push the boundaries of their own social limits, they began to see worlds beyond their own. This is a possibility to why some of the sexier assistant roles/female characters started to dress in less concealed clothing. It seemed very controversial at the time yet for a small B Movie I reckon it would be a risk worth making.

Here we have Gabriella Drake, an actress in the tv series UFO. In this photo you can see how the tight clothing was finished off with shining metalic accessories, such as the boots, the large waist high belt alongside the typical permed hairstyle of the 1950's.


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