Monday, 11 October 2010

Concept Art: The Scientist- Final Concept

Here's the decided design for the hero of our story. The Scientist saves the day by finding a device which makes the invisible cannibals visible.

Here's a few drawn images of his design from our finalising character design meeting:

The character's personality is somewhat shy, hes content within his own environment, with his own company in his laboratory. He doesn't get out much to exercise, therefore he is of a typical slim build. Most heroes within films, or main characters in the 1950's were often good looking, therefore we had to choose a way to create this character to feel geeky yet at the same time handsome and lovable.

Other characters in films have used this design principle to reflect this type of character personality, such as the reference image posted by Ruben. (below)

We decided that turn arounds of the characters should come later once we are closer to the modelling process.