Friday, 15 October 2010

The Scientists Assistant - final concept re-do

Here is the final design for the Scientists Assistant, which is just a re draw of the original finalised character concept. The reason for this is we didn't feel that the clothing she was wearing was adhering to the fashion sense of the 1950's science fiction style.



  1. Ok Chris. We've had another meeting... and put simply... You missed it... again!

    In your absense, Shahbir and I have done the voice over, and will be finishing the animatic over the weekend. Can you upload the rest of the characters as soon as possible.

    About this character. The outfit is looking much better (nice colours... Shame the films going to be in black and white), but both Me and Ruben agree that the collar and spot are unneccesary. If you could remove them, it would be appreciated.
    Thanks. See you Monday.

    Oh by the way, just as a side note, because its being filmed in black and white, maybe the coloured versions of the outfits will come in handy for the posters.

    Thanks again. bye

  2. We had our meeting the other day discussing about roles, I was under the impression that that was our meeting for the week =/

    Sounds good though, black and white will make it old school!