Monday, 11 October 2010

The Scientists Assistant - final concept

Here we have the scientists assistant. Slim in build similar to the scientist himself, however smaller and very stereotypically feminine. Curvy shapes are used to make her figure stand out, purposefully enforcing the visual response of a sexy character - a character that could be the typical blonde in trouble in a horror film. She wears a girls fit lab coat similar to that of her boss.

Below we have another black and white image of the same picture above, but this time with the character wearing a short skirt. Initinally, the character was suppost to be wearing the tight flares that we see above to contrast the 1950's vision of the future, however in an extra attempt to add sex appeal I thought a short skirt could be possible. It may involve the addition of some kind of floral pattern however to keep to its times...

I think this character could be quite strong within the film, thus make the hero feel a lot more lovable and shy until he embarks on becoming the hero of the day. Again this is based on the ideas of what make a character look the way they perform within the film, thus returning to Rubens post about character designs:


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