Thursday, 28 October 2010

Administration- Timetable for Modeling Stage (Week 7 & 8)

B3D is entering production stage, so as the project manager, I decided to create a timetable for the next 2 weeks, where we going to enter the modeling world. firstly, note that this time may vary as Maya can be quite unpredictable, however I am asking you if you could the best to meet these deadlines, it would be grateful and easier for our animation and even for our individual projects.

I decided to carry on with a 5 days schedule where no weekends have been added to it, however, if anything is off schedule try to catch-up on the weekend.
My tip for the following days is to catch-up with other projects work and maya tutorials, as the first few days of week 7 is to catch-up with the models already started.

Alongside this time table I have also done a project plan for this stage and and the only thing I can tell you things need to go smoothly at this stage otherwise things wont get done. Because it is a lot to do in the following weeks.

Any questions just ask.


  1. Hey Ruben I'm just want to ask when the general is going to be modeled?

    Did you foget to put that into the time table, or is he being modeled after week 8?


  2. Actualy. Something Completely off topic. (about the space pod UVs)


    Should I lay the UVs for the 6 rocket parts individualy. (so they get a varied textre each)
    Or, should I keep the UVs for the 6 rockets as 1.(so all the rocket parts have the same texture. (and you only have to paint it once))

    Same goes for the other bits of geometry that are repeated 6 times around the pod. (like the legs and feet etc.)