Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Maya: Modelling-Space Pod Miniature - Basically Modelled

Hey team, a Flock of Pixels here and with some good news!

I've finished the miniature scale space pod! Mostly. Just so everyone else knows, the CG pod is supposed to be a cheap miniature scale pod. Meaning that the parts won't necessarily line up and blobs of excess glue are visible!

Now you may be looking at this and thinking, the door is fused to the sphere, or the legs don't look like they can move and they're not even touching the ground properly. Well Like I've said earlier. It's a miniature, which means, no moving parts. The legs can either be stuck on or not at all. The door only needs to open when the space men come out and funnily enough, they are CG actors, not miniatures. So they require a more detailed life size set to walk out of.

Excess glue!

Oh and as a bonus, it's all been UV mapped! I bet Ruben will be pleased to hear he's got more painting to do! Well I say UV mapped, but what I actually mean that it's unfolded, and all that's left to do is sort out the positioning and scale so it fits with a square. Then it can be textured.

Although before I hand over that job, I want to add a few last minute touches to the basic model. Like shifting some of the individual pieces further, to increase it's inaccuracy. Maybe a few more blobs, or streaks of glue. Then the rest can be handled in the texture.


  1. I just love the head-f**k of reverse-engineering hi-tech cg to resemble airfix models! I love your pursuit of logic, here, Ethan - no moving parts, etc. This will look very charming, no doubt. Come on, then Rubes - get painting... :-)

  2. It is looking awsome, Ethan! I love the irregularity!

    Dont Worry, Phil,I will paint it as soon as I finish those damn matte paintings.