Monday, 25 October 2010

Marketing Design:Possible Character for B3D Logo

OK team. We have a character!

We were thinking that maybe the logo needs some sort of character to accompany it. We had a rough idea that it would be a simple robot, so I sketched out a design.

I also did a quick simple model of it too.

OK. It's kind of obvious we've taken some influence from Wall E, but we all agreed that we liked it.

I wasn't joking when I said it was simple. The antenna will always be curled forward when at rest. As you can see the simplicity of the model didn't allow that, but if it were to be rigged, I'd need it flat.

The idea is that it is on one wheel, has two lose arms and an antenna that sway back and forth. (No force other than momentum is controlling them.)

All the robot can control is the wheel. I'm not quite sure how it is going to fit into the ident for the logo. It may be that we have several versions of the ident. A short ident with no character and an ident that lasts longer with the character.
The robot doesn't even have to accompany the logo necessarily. Not on banners anyway.

OK. To be honest. I'm looking at this character now, and I'm thinking, hmmm. Is this the right character? Not quite. I don't think we should rush to get a design done now because I really don't know how this character will fit into the animation. It may just be that the shape needs altering a bit, taking more styles from the logo maybe.
Well I'll see what you think.

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  1. yes, Ethan you are right. do not rush the design and also i do believe you have to add some logo shapes.