Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Marketing: Final Business Card Design & different Web Banner Designs

For our business card we were going for a more cool looking design which some what matches our new logo, instead of matching our film. The reason for this idea is so we can advertise our company and not the projects we are working on.
The information on our business card is on the second page of the card. We only chose the necessary info for example name, occupation and email address to our studio.

First page

Second page

Once we have finished our business card it down to me to design our web banner. For the web banner I was trying to match the design of our blogger theme by colours to show that the banners does belong to us. I have made some other design just in case we are not going to match it to our blogger theme colours.

The first design is more simplified telling to public our studio name and blog address.

The second design is some what the same as the first design but wit our old logos at the side.

The third design has the same colour theme as our blog theme but has big letters and logo. This design main focus is being clickable than letting the public typing the web address.

The last two are the same as the first two designs but with only the color grey. they were meant to animate but decided to leave hem with a simplified feature instead. However I will animate them soon, letting it show the project we are working on and going back to show them the web address.


  1. Shahbir, I do think that the first one you did is the one it is working the best, because it is simpler.
    I think the others are too overwhelming showing 3 times the logo, and barely no information. (like the Blog address).