Sunday, 24 October 2010

Marketing: B3D Studios Business Cards

One of the ways of advertising our company is to make business cards. I have looked at different types of cards and made an influence map out of it.

I have found this helpful because it gave me some ideas to make our cards look fun and professional.

I have made some different designs for our business cards, but they mostly carries a metallic appearance to fit with our logo. I used myself(Shahbir Hameed) as a subject to fill out the necessary requirements for our business card.
The first business card has a silhouette of our logo and a faded text which I feel enhances the metalness effect of the card

The next card was to experiment with one card with one colour and and one with two colours to give our card more variety.

The next business card is meant to be as straight forward as possible, telling the people the name of the studio. Although looking back I believe it would be more effective if I added the information of our studio at the back

The next card I wanted to try something different, having our card information done in a horizontal manner. Most of my team approve of this for being different so I might make some more designs around this decision.

The last card is also done horizontal but this time with the group logo on the first page of the card and the information on the second. this wasn't too well received by the group because the loge on the first page was too big.

I'm still working on the card design but focus mostly on making them horizontal since that was a good idea, but that doesn't mean I can't stop experiment on the design.

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  1. I really like the back cover on the last image, however the front somehow doesnt fit it. Anyway, we will discuss these designs tomorrow, and you will be able to create a final one.