Thursday, 28 October 2010

Sketches: Soldier W/ Hat and Sunglasses

I have re made the Soldier with a large helmet styled like the helmets used by the Beefeater Gaurds in London. I have then attempted to try visualising what the Soldier would look like with Sunglasses, as it is common to find soldiers wearing these in modern times. In the 1950's, perhaps this would have been a very futuristic effect. Here we have the images below:

Without Sunglasses

Soldier with Sunglasses



  1. WOW!!!

    I hate to be the one to say this, but the hat and sunglasses is not working... at all.
    Certainly not for this animation anyway.
    I'd stick with the orignal hat.

    It's quite a funny image though! :D

  2. I echo Ethan! the hat is not working at all is too queen's guard like. and the glasses may not fit cos back in the day rarely, any people would wear sunglasses in films.

    Just looks a bit dislocated.
    I do like the variety though!

    one more thing is try to get the leg proportions right in comparison with the body, at this moment he looks fragile in his legs and nicely on the upper body.!

    try to get the same consistance of the upper torso on the legs.

  3. Yeah I know its a strange choice, I done research on the Queens Gaurds to try and give it a more London feel... The way im thinking about it is, this is the future, their designs were often stupidly over the top like this which we would laugh at today. Was just a try, however it means ive got to re design it again now lol back to work!