Saturday, 23 October 2010

Administration- Timetable for Week 6

Here is the timetable for week 6, for better work and to be on the top of things, i will address a time management issue with a weekly timetable, so instead of a 5 weeks one, we will have a weekly, upon which we can change if needed. Also, me and the new administrator Ethan, will be scheduling the maya tasks individually, so we will have an accurate timetable of modeling , texturing, rigging, etc, needs to be done.

So far here for next week, where we finish the Pre-Production stage and start the Production.

Last week of Pre-Production and beginning of Production

Discuss Characters, choose final concepts
Discuss Production Roles

Chris-Design all of the chosen Characters on Monday.
Ethan-Finish any Pre-viz scenes, and start modeling the Props. (Spacestation
Shahbir-Finish Business Cards,Forum Banner and Publish our studio on the
Ruben- Finish Spaceman Concept and help on the Character Design.

Chris-Painting Character Concepts
Ethan- Prop modeling (Finish Space Station Exterior Start Pod)
Shahbir-Poster Designs ( teaser poster example and a final poster example). Update
forum thread.
Ruben- Environmental Design

Ethan Away!
Shahbir- Prop Modeling (Cars)
Chris- Paint Character Concepts
Ruben-Environmental Design

Ethan-Character Modeling
Shahbir-Prop Modeling (RAD device)
Chris-Finish Character Paintings
Ruben- Environmental Design

Shahbir Away!!
Ruben Away!!
Ethan- Character Modeling
Chris- Refine Poster Designs

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