Friday, 22 October 2010

Research: Character Design Influence- Dan Dare

Dan Dare is a British comic hero, drawn up by the wild illustrations of Frank Hampson. Dans claim to fame was through the stories of Dan Dare, Pilot of the future, published by Eagle Comics. His name was spread further on a highly anticipated radio show every week.

The storylines are set in the 90s but the ways in which the characters behave are similar to the manner of British War films during the 1950's. The character is typically set amoungst a colourful, bold comic world, which boasts the 50's visually and keeps well to its time.

There is a new Dan Dare available that has recently been published, which is available from Forbiden Planet.  Recently a mini-series of Dan Dare has been launched by Virgin Comics. Written by Garth Ennis and Illustrated by Gary Erskine and is a completely new and somewhat darker intrepretation of Dan Dare. There is also CG interpritations of the adventures of Dan Dare and his travels, somewhat impressivly keeping to his stylistic theme. Good art direction there! Something I need for our group...


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