Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Marketing: Posters Companies and Prices

To advertise our film even more we have decided to make some posters.
Making posters is actually quite expensive because we have to pick the size of the paper, choose what position it should be shown in for example portrait or landscape, the quality of the paper and how many do we need. Since our film is small we have decided to produce roughly between 10-20 pages.
We are still thinking of the quality for our poster, the main types of paper for our poster are gloss and matte. Gloss is a shiny paper which is helpful for a nice finish picture while matte is not as shiny but it give the picture more of an artsy appearance. I believe we should go for the matte to give our poster the same artsy feel, plus it is cheaper.

I have also investigated on the different type of companies that do poster prints at a low price. The first website is Print Express, this website has a large verity on the different types of paper from Deluxe Glossy to A Boards, you can also customise how you want your posters and how many quantities do you need also you can pick you own design. The down side is that it is very expensive, an example of this would be if you want one A1 page of a Deluxe Matte with more Matte lamination it will be £29, but if you want an A1 Deluxe Glossy paper with more Gloss or Matte lamination then the price will be between £27-£29.
The second website I have visited is Vista Print, The prices on this website are very cheap at least down to £3.99 but there's not much freedom, you can't pick what size you want the paper .However you can still pick your own design and what position you want it to be in.
The third printing site is Cheap Leaflets, and the name is no joke. you have a lot of options from choosing sunlight resistance and the size of the paper to picking the type of paper and how many you want. An example of this would be one A1 paper with no sunlight resistance with a Matte on Matte lamination for only £19.45. The down side is that the price will increase with the type of options you choose an example would be the price will increase to £23.20 with print check and an extra £4.06 vat with print check or £3.40 vat with out print check. All together its between £22.85-£27.26.
So on my opinion Cheap Leaflets is still the good choice for printing out our poster even though the prices will increase it won't do much damage to our funds plus it has more options than the other two sites.

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