Thursday, 21 October 2010

Administration: Feedback Meeting

After yesterday problematic presentation, we decided to meet up today to discuss our group and discuss the progress of our project, however for an obvious reason this meeting didn't take place until late this day after the maya classes.

After observing our group yesterday, I felt the urge to address some issues related not only with working ethic but also with time management, as they associate closely with each other. So I came up with a list to support me and to all know the issues we addressed. Being Ethan, the director and me (Ruben), the producer/time manager, we gathered the group and face them with the problems.

Here is a list of what we discussed.

Management Roles:

-Address the Management Roles, and discuss changes.
-Time Keeping Issue and try to resolve it.
-Address problems in Pre-Production Roles
-Talk about communication,
-Member Feedback on Studio.
-Motivation and self-initiation.
-Blog Updates- and change of role.
-Address Time-Management.
-Show register and project plan and update group on what is the situation.


-Marketing:Talk about Designing Business Cards, Posters.
-Character Design: Address the current situation ( misinterpretation of the characters) and apply a more British feel.
-Concept Art: Insertion of landmarks to the set, so they will look more familiar.
-Animatic- All good and a big achievement for us, now give the same spirit and work to the final animation.
-Pre-Viz: To understand some of the Scenes, Until the end of the week and in order to rather relax in terms of drawing, Pre-Viz of the key scenes can be done. ( for Ethan).

After, speaking with the group about these issues, they all seemed excited to turn around our current position and move our project forward. So hopefully form this point onwards, things will be better.
To echo the previous comment by lovely Jackie, Onwards and Upwards!!

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