Friday, 22 October 2010

Marketing: New B3D Logo, Fully Three Dimensional

A Flock of Pixels here!

Today I decided on having a break from sketching and decided to turn our logo from a simple Photoshop image into a fully three dimensional logo. After all, we are B3D!

So I went into Maya and modelled the logo. I then done a simple animation, lit it, shaded it, and rendered it. Although I rendered some of the elements separately so I could further mess around in After Effects.

I have here two versions to show. Both don't have sound.

The first is the final render, which I composited together into it's simplest form.

With the second version, I have made a few slight adjustments.

Such as a curves adjustment as I thought that it needed to be slightly brighter. I also added and animated the glow effect. Not sure whether this is needed, but I put it in anyway. The last difference is that the logo separates from the background at the end.

That's it. I could have done all kinds of combinations. (With or without glow. With or without the logo separation. Whether it should it be brighter or not. etc)

Please comment on what you like and dislike about these test idents. Whether it be a slight change in camera angle or a colour change.

One thing I did notice about the angle of the logo is that the left side of it is not visible. So the only time it really looks 3D is before the 3 covers up the inner right side of the logo. I kind of like that though, especially in the second example, where the logo separates at the end. It looks 2D again. Of course if you think it should be 3D all the way then comment by all means. I just know that a lot of 3D logos have a 2D version as well.

I'll end by saying that Ruben and I also discussed about what kind of character to include with the logo and also how it could animate.
We were thinking of a simple little robot on wheels. In the ident, we thought that maybe the 3 could get stuck half way between the B and D. Then the robot could come along and push it the rest of the way. Although we're not quite sure where the robot would go next. Whether it be off screen or stay next to the logo somewhere.

Again your thoughts on this will be appreciated.

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