Monday, 18 October 2010

Animatic: First Animatic - With Sound

So the last couple of days we've been getting the story boarding done, and at the same time I've been creating an animatic for the trailer.

Well I finally have something semi complete to present. It is an animatic... with sound!

A few things to note about the trailer. There are no titles yet, but there will be by Wednesday. It is over the 2min limit by about 15 seconds. The voice overs are only temporary. The General has been performed by Shahbir, the scientist by Ethan, and the narrator by a friend of mine (on a separate occasion). Unfortunately I have to say that the narrator has done the worst bit of voice acting ever. The delivery is not only wrong, but inconsistent. Luckily he is not on blogger to read this!
Oh and the volume of the sound hasn't been adjusted properly. If you could feedback more on story and pace, would be most useful. And maybe music, just not sound effects as I know some are missing.
Its difficult to keep a straight face when watching this, if not because of the visuals but the voices!

We can all give a round of applause for that amazing scream at the end. Performed by... well... one of us... We even interrupted next doors seminar while recording that! That's enough embarrassment for one evening!

I think the last thing to note about the trailer is that the crash landing sequence is lacking the most sound effects and for that reason is probably the part which drags the most at the moment. But I'm sure that's easily fixed.

What do you all think?


  1. It's 23:05. I'm all on my own and laughing like a lunatic. Could this animatic be any more charming, I wonder? Wonderful performances throughout :-) Older trailers tended to be longer, and less pacy, so I think this is balancing out very nicely - and the hammy voice-over and wooden acting all add to the warmth and affection of this piece; I like too how it feels peculiarly British, in the Quatermass-style. Are you going to keep it b-movie British? I think it suits, especially as the whole 'invisible' threat thing feels very low budget to me...

  2. I really like this! I was hooked throughout, and reeeeally liked the voice work! Nice acting Ethan and Shahbir! I'm most impressed with the screaming, I know how hard it is to record something like that (and on top, without feeling embarrassed), so respect to you guys...The editing had me hooked, nice timing...Well done!