Monday, 27 September 2010

Research development for script - Shahbir and Chris

We have developed the basic concept of how our scripts will flow, so now we have decided to compare and analyse each others ideas to gain a foundation for progression. To do this we shall highlight the main points of our two script concepts and research them to give us a better cultural and accurate idea of how to write a final script.

We will need to research on the following:

  • Spacecraft/Space pod
How space travel was viewed in the 1950's, how spaceships were and currently are designed and how other films perceive futuristic spacecraft. Look into the sound effects of space craft and technology as was perceived in the 1950's.
  • Citys
Research how Citys looked in the 1950's, how they perceived them to look in the future. Observe films where a large City is invaded. i.e Metropolis, Sleeper, Minority report, King Kong, The day the Earth stood still etc

  • Cinematic language used in 1950's
Voice overs, how scenes would be edited, music, title scenes, trends in dialogue used in 1950's films and how b-movies were put together under budget. Also how a trailer for a b-movie film was used to attract the audience. What scared people in the 1950's?

  • Army
How the military would look in the future to a person of the 1950's compared to how the army actually looks in modern day. Look into futuristic weaponry, uniforms, vechiles and social steriotypes for typical 1950's b-movie acting.

  • Invisible Cannibal
Research into animal characteristics, look at transformation films and degeneration to get a better understanding of how the Astronauts change. We should look into how the effects of invisibility become used within films. Look into heat seeking devices that could be used to detect body heat. Look into typical cannibal characteristics.

In understanding these points further we can devlop a much more refined script for our trailer to "The day of the invisible cannibal from beyond the stars!"


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