Monday, 27 September 2010

A summary of the project so far in response to Alans comment

So our studio has been working for a full week and this is a round up of everything we've done to this point.

One of the first things that was decided on was a name and logo. The logo has been animated, but just as a tester at the moment. See here.

In regards to management roles, everything is working at the moment, but if something isn't working, then the roles can be re-allocated.

We have had a meeting where we pitched our story/character ideas. We are going to be having more of these meetings, at least once a week, to discuss other areas of the project.

We have looked at what makes a movie a B movie (see here) and have started to notice some traits that are common in their trailers. More on this to come.

From the last meeting we had, we came up with the basic premise of the story. We have left it in the capable hands of Shahbir and Chris to fill in the grey areas and come up with a script. This will undergo further scrutiny in the next meeting, on Thursday.

Here is a link to the basic story as it stands.

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