Monday, 27 September 2010

Scripting ideas - basic edit vision to apply script to (Shahbir)

This is my concept guide of the script I am working on with Chris.
I began with the notes we had on our story that highlighted the important moments, then I wrote my own ideas that happens in those moments.

Space Station is infected.
People on the space station are getting infected by an unknown bacterium/virus from a meteorite/rock they found. The Astronauts get in contact with the space base on earth for help while evacuating the astronauts who are not infected from the space station. The space pods are located on the sides of the space station in a way of targeting earth as the land mark.

Pods return to earth.
While the pods are returning to earth some of the people in the pods are actually infected by the virus that came from the meteor and started feasting on the ones who are not infected. During the conflict the trajectory of the space pod has been interrupted and is now heading towards earth blindly.

Pods land on earth, Focus on one area.
The pods lands in the city with a big bang leaving a huge crater.
The camera follows the pod trail to earth. Full shot when the pod lands on earth.

The public surrounds the pods to greet the astronauts.
The astronaut attacks the people, The invasion begins.
The people of earth came out of the rubble to see what made the crater, a few of them went inside the crater to see what caused it. They find the space pod which was carrying the astronauts. One of the people opened the pod with help from the others, once it was open one of the people examines the pod and found five unconscious astronauts. The person opens the visor of one of the astronauts and found no one inside them, suddenly the suit grabbed him and start eating him and the other suits followed.
The public then runaway in a panic, this action alerted the other astronauts to chase after them with inhuman speed.

Army gets involve.
The army hears about this and quickly moved to the area where the astronauts landed. The city now resembles a ghost town where there is no one to be found.  This effect the army men’s moral because of the state the city is in. Suddenly they hear a sound and saw a civilian running towards them asking for help, but before he reached the halfway mark an astronaut jumps out of nowhere and starts eating the man. The army man then starts firing at the astronaut and kills it. On the Generals order they gather around the dead astronaut and examine it. The army men open the astronaut suit to see what was inside the suit but they found nothing however they can feel the creature inside the suit. All of a sudden the army men are being attack by more cannibals but with out their suits and are now invisible.

General orders attack.
Battle between army and cannibals begins but cannibals have upper hand.
The astronauts begin in human form then slowly change into savage creatures and gained the ability to turn invisible.
The General issues an attack on the cannibals, but the cannibals have the upperhand because the army men can see them. The army men decide to retreat but the general orders them to stay there and fight. One of the soldiers didn’t listen and decided to retreat to the carrier but with the astronaut’s body so they can learn about their enemy.
Once the soldier made it back to base with some of the other army men the general yelled at them for not staying behind but the soldier argues that they didn’t stand a chance against them but they didn’t return empty handed. The soldier brought the cannibal with him so they can learn about the enemy a bit more.

The soldier gives idea to use heat sensors to detect the invisible cannibals.
Now the army have upper hand and defeats the astronauts.
While observing the dead body of the cannibal the army learns that they can find and see them by reading their heat signature. Now in high spirits the army men returns to the city and fight the cannibals by following their heat signature and win the battle.


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