Friday, 1 October 2010

Research:Concept Art

A Flock of Pixels (The Director - Ethan) here.

Today in our group we discussed which team members were going to do what concepts. The main things I'm to be designing are the vehicles such as the cars and tanks and the escape pod. I will also be designing any devices that will be needed. Such as the weaponry and the Refraction Anomaly Detector. I've also been given the task of designing the Space suit costume. In effect that's character design and is the only character that I will be doing. Shahbir and Chris will be doing the rest of the characters between them.

So before I dive into drawing concepts I thought it necessary to do some research first. I can't take credit for these first few sets of images as a lot of research has already been done into retro futurism. These images of retro futuristic cars were found by Ruben, (I think) along with different types of laser guns etc and other devices.

However, rather than just relying on these types of images I thought it would be a good idea to look at other objects that were around in the 50s. I say 50s, but I also mean anything that is almost as old as that. The reason for this being that a budget sci fi movie at the time, would only have access to basic kinds of props or props re used from other movies. So how do you make a ray gun for example? With a hair dryer and a few bits stuck on the outside. Wouldn't be able to afford loads of designers and modellers so basically, use what you've got.

So this is the thinking behind this research.

I've gathered together plenty of images of various things from around the 50s, to use as inspiration for my concepts, together with the retro futuristic stuff. I'm not necessarily going to be designing phones and radios as such but things to draw basic shapes from.
This almost sounds like the year 1 summer project!!!

Some other sci fi - retro/sci fi designs (A lot of these images are actually very new)

So soon you will be seeing some concepts from me.

A Flock of Pixels (The Director - Ethan)

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