Monday, 27 September 2010

Research for script writing Shahbir and Chris

Today me and Chris decided to devide the objects we are researching between us. Chris has Cinematic language used in 1950's and Army, and I have Spacecraft, Space Pods and City of Retro-Futurism. We both decided to look at creatures and animals. For the animals/cretures we were mostly looking for the way monkeys walk because our astronauts devolve into more animal like and we thought that the astronauts should walk more monkey like when they reach that stage. I haven't posted any city images of Retro-Futurism because I have already posted them.


Space Pod



  1. Hey Chris and Shahbir.

    The latest post looks more like research for visual concept design. Maybe at this stage it might be slightly unnecessary doing all this extra research when we definitely will be doing it later on for the concepts?

    I think we probably just need to have a few key points of the story in short bullet point sentences. This would effectively be the narration. Just listening to the trailers we've already got if necessary, to get a feel for what they say.

    Then also just list some random words or phrases that the actor themselves, (ie. not the narrator) might say. Again, if necessary, take phrases directly from these trailers. and mash them together with a narration to construct the story. The visuals will fill in any gaps, so it might be worth writing additional comments on the script about what is going to be seen on screen.

    Here's just an example.

    Narrator- "it will be scary"
    Actor - "arrrrrrr"
    Comment - show the faceless astronaut

    in fact, it may be useful to find some scripts from films, so you know how to set everything out. My example probably won't win me any awards! ; )

    Assuming I haven't misunderstood the post, I hope this helps.

  2. Hey Ethan, it makes sense what your trying to say but dont worry, its all coming to that =)

    The dialogue part of the script (i.e narrator "it will be scary" actor "arrrr" bit lol) will be added later. I got Shahbir and myself to both write out conceptual edits of what the script will work from, because a script also consists of knowing how a scene is going to be directed. So think of our research as trying to understand the background for resting the spoken dialogue over the top. Kinda like an Onion! Layers! lol (Shrek anybody?)

    I did check up with Phil if I was going in the right direction with this technique and he aggreed with it.

    However, I value your points. You will see this whole script writing procedure develop over the next few days into something that'll win us an Oscar or two. It'll definantly be more in the form of what your looking for, just placed over the top of informative descriptions of how a scene will be acted out. For example: The meteor showers charge towards Earth *cue intense musical score, sound effects of meteor cutting through atmosphere* Preview man kicks in "This Summer, coming to a planet near you" etc... =)

    The more we understand about how film scripts are writen, how the 1950's acted towards certain things, the closer to the target this film will become.


  3. ok then.

    well if Phil agrees, I can't argue with that ;)

    One last thing though, I was going to ask Ruben if we could alow a bit more time on rough story boarding. Because working out the correct shots and timeing takes time. If that makes sense. This may mean that everything else needs to be pushed forward a bit.

    Just don't go over the top with descriptions of the scenes or we will be out of a job! :)

    See you in an hour. bye.

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