Monday, 27 September 2010

Ideas:Plot for the Story

Last Friday all the members of B3D gathered up all the ideas that each of us thought up for our story, then we took the ones that sounded good and combined them to make a more ellaborated story. We broke the story up into sections of When the story takes place, Where is it located, Who are the characters and What type of genre.


Set in the year 2000 but through the eyes of how someone in the 1950/60's would have visioned it to be.


Space station/Earth/

Focusing place - small part of a city

Invisible Astro Cannibals - (Villains)
Army - General (in charge/idiot)
Soldier - (Hero)

Sci Fi/Horror (Acting/dialogue used applies the comedy as B-Movies traditionally have bad acting)

Space station infected -> Space pods return to Earth -> People surround pod in curiosity to greet any surviving astronauts. The infected Astronauts attack as humans then become more creature like as the film develops. -> Army gets involved -> Conclusion.

Astronauts are invisible. At the start of the film they have their space suits on but as the threat of humans attacking them becomes more evident they remove the suits and become fully invisible.

The cannibals transform into a more primal appearance and more animal like over time as they feast on more flesh. To detect the cannibals, the soldiers use heat seeking devices (or refraction anomaly detectors) to see where they are.

Now we are developing this idea further, to transform it into a script which will be used in the trailer.


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