Friday, 1 October 2010

Administration- Concept Art Tasks

Another meeting took place today, this time the aim was to decide the about the script and to delegate tasks for Concept Design.

Having the Script more or less resolved, only minor changes in terms of professional template. We can take a step further and move onto concept design.
To have a more efficient working force, we decided to separate tasks.

Concept Design:

Locations: Ruben
    - Space Station (Interior/ Exterior)
    - Metropolis (Green Park/ Streets)
    - Army HQ
    - Lab ( Interior).

Characters: Chris & Shahbir
    - Female Character Attacked
    - Generic Male
    - General
    - Scientist
    - Assistant ( Woman)
    - Generic Soldier

Vehicles and Props: Ethan

     - The RAD Device

Alongside the concept design, research will be needed, so a lot of influence maps and videos will be added here.

The word that also has to accompany you is variety.


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