Monday, 27 September 2010

Scripting ideas - basic edit vision to apply script to (Chris)

Here I have roughly wrote up a story guide, which is like a basic script which follows how the trailer appears in my own mind. I have asked Shahbir to do the same, to see which ideas are of the same nature to help us work on a final script together better. Sounds are highlighted in colour.

Script writing/Edit concept guide

  • Open scene

Meteorites are cutting through the peaceful serenity of the galaxy, particles flying off into the ice cold realms of space with vicious assault. The Camera flows alongside a piece of the meteor shower and the scene fades out for dramatic effect. (Music depicts atmospheric build up) Fading back onto the screen, we see a space station floating above the busy hum of the Earth. In this relatively quiet moment the distant meteor shower relentlessly approaches with increasing speed. Music becomes more intense and thrilling as the shower of alien rock thuds against the stations surface, cutting into it and exposing the Astronauts inside to the unknown virus. The scene cuts to edgy, short clips of the evacuation inside (red alert lights, an arm reaching out to grab a space suit, panic button to Earth pressed etc). We see the pods connected to the sides of the station being released towards Earth.

  • Landing scene

We return to a sudden calm within the music, yet with an undertone of the panic which the previous scene had set. Pods crash into the Earth’s atmosphere, one storming towards a busy suburban street. We see the shooting star effect of the other pods scattered in the sky above, which gives indication that these pods are being dropped all over the world/country. The pod struggling to gain control for a smooth lading collides with the street with great velocity and unease. There is loud scrambling sounds of the awkward fall, alarms beaming out and engines roaring.  The shocked pedestrians, who wish to check the pod in curiosity, gather around its crunched up ruins which are still steaming (hissing) from the impact. The door to the space pod slams open and out stumbles several Astronauts in their suits. The Astronauts fall over due to their weakened state from their experience, where a medical character on the scene of chaos comes to help. We see the Astronaut in the arms of this Samaritan, who opens his visor and looks across with evil reddened eyes at his saviour. His face becomes invisible and his jaw widens like an animal with intent to prey (music applies chilling effect in this moment of horror/astronaut emits a distorted inhuman shriek). The Astronaut lunges at the helper with animalistic intent and starts to feed on him. To the fear of everyone on the scene, the other Astronauts apply the same characteristics and start scrambling around biting away at people in the street. When shot at by the “hero”, one of these Astronauts is killed; the others manage to escape with inhuman speed and instinct. (Look at Monkeys, Hyenas, Cheetahs and even Foxes) – In the moment the shot is fired, we hear the guns crack deliberately echoed out and the music being left behind for the audience to develop a sense of comprehending the action that had just taken place.

  • Trailer build up/understanding the situation

The scene fades up and we see the Astronaut suit layed across a morgue table, with images of the astronauts dead post mortem photos flickered across the screen. We hear the voices of the hero talking about how these “creatures” need to be stopped. “There is more out there, we can’t let them get away, what they are capable of is unimaginable. We don’t know what has happened to them and whether it will affect the rest of us. Our only hope to prevent further bloodshed is to stop them while we can”. Another army character describing the situation and how the others must be captured as these cannibals are a serious danger to the human race. “I don’t know how they got this way, or what’s going through their minds. They attacked innocent people like animals. They may not be the space cadets I put up there a year ago, but one thing’s for sure – their still human.” As these last words are spoken out, we see a scene of the surviving cannibal astronauts removing their suits to become fully invisible to protect themselves from harm.

  • Action scenes - furthering the audiences understanding of the storyline/intensifying the trailer to make it more sellable

(Hard thudding music kicks in to increase tension)

Several dark horror scenes of soldiers fighting an invisible force. The scenes show the army using heat detectors to “see” the invisible cannibals. Scenes must be quick, jerky and intense to reflect the nature of fear and brutality in the conflict.

Heroes voice cuts in again saying “Their getting bigger, stronger, changing…”

*scene brings up an image found on heat detector of the cannibals appearance, which is now completely hunched over, carnivorous in nature and less human like in form*

The scene cuts to a soldier on their own anxiously searching around a building. The evil shriek of a cannibal becomes louder. The solider is taken out suddenly with a chilling shrill scream which echoes out as the scene turns black suddenly. Cue the title screens for the film “The day of the invisible cannibal from beyond the stars”. Music builds to a close as the trailer ends.


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