Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Maya: Army General 80-90%done

Here is the latest progress on the Army General he is almost done just got to add his hands. The lastest edits is his hat and sleaves on his blazer.
Please leave feedback.


General Wire


  1. Much better. that hair line is working now

  2. maybe the only thing that is putting off is the body shape atm he looks like a really well fit man in his 20s, maybe you need to add more shapes, his bum is too firm !! and add some thickness not much on the upper leg

  3. I think generally, the clothes are too well fitting as well. Particularly the trousers around the back. The clothes need to be looser. You need to put some weight into the cloths.

    I've just noticed, but I think the edge flow is not quite right in the trouser area.

    Apart from that he is basically all done. You just need to tweak! tweak! tweak!
    Your almost there! :)