Thursday, 2 December 2010

Maya: Generic Male

Here is the model of the Generic Male, the purpose of the Generic Male is to be a background character that we can recycle repeatedly.
I took a screen shot of his front, back and his shoes so we can see if all of it is coming togather.





  1. As I said to you on skype pretty much done, just a tweak on the shoes, less square, and more form, apart from that I leave you with Ethan!!

  2. There is one main problem with this character.

    and that is that the bottom half of the coat is larger than the top half of the coat.

    what I mean is, that where the belt is, the change in size at the hips kind of look slightly female. It is most obvious in the back view.

    I think really it's actually because the top half is too thin. This guy needs to have a wider waist.

    It may also be because the way in which the coat spreads out at the bottom. If there is some way to get some more broad vertical lines running in this guy, I think it will help to take away the curve created at the transition where the belt is.

    Does anyone agree with me?